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Threshold systems for the highest standards - Barrier free* with 20mm or 0mm height (Level floor disability access) - Thermally seperated and highest resistance to driving rain.

Our tested thermally seperated house door threshold system "COMBI" and "COMBI PLUS" offers with its wide ranging accessory programm an easy and flexible soloutions to various requirements. It doesnt matter if the customer has a house door, balcony door with tilt and turn or a french door weather the threshold is mounted between or under the frame, if the doors open in or outwards, all of the above case can be covered with one threshold.

To meet the requirements of a Level floor disability access you only need aditional parts of the COMBI PLAN System.

Either  "COMBI" and "COMBI PLUS" Thresholds systems (20mm) or COMBI PLAN (0mm) System offer an excellent, certified driving rain test up to a class of 9A (600Pa) depending on system.


The advantages achieved through using GKG Threshold "COMBI"

  • Optimal product saftey achieved through high quality and prooven components.
  • Vastly improved Thermic seperation.
  • Easy and very efficient montage.
  • Ease of logistics and saving in warehouse capacity achieved through the use of one threshold for a house, balcony and french door and the level floor disability access.
  • Proof of performance characteristics through test reports from certified bodies for the facilitating of your CE Symbol


* After DIN18040-1 and DIN18040-2 for Barrier free accessabillity

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